2017 Construction Projects

This page contains information about the many important projects impacting residents, businesses, and visitors to the City of Horace.  Below are project status summaries for active projects this calendar year.  The Road Report is updated weekly on Fridays from the start of the spring construction season, through Labor Day.  You can also sign up for alerts when there are major road closures or detours by using the Construction Notify Me feature.

City Construction

Street Construction

Description Status Target Completion
8th Ave Extension for Truck Route
Preliminary Engineering Report
Planning to install a new street to accommodate a truck route for local commercial traffic to reduce load on residential streets.   Aggregate base, 6" overlay, striping of 24' top to support a truck route in commercial district 2018
Northwood and Southwood Dr Mill and Overlay
Preliminary Engineering Report
Street improvement.  Milling and 2" HBP overlay Fall 2017
Greyhawk, Dreamfields, Riverdale, Sunnyside, Woodland Circle
Preliminary Engineering Report
This project would re-surface deteriorated streets with bituminous chip seal (6 blocks and crack seal 6 blocks). Necessary to prevent further deterioration.
Chestnut Drive reconstruction. Chestnut Storm Water Lift Station upgrade
Preliminary Engineering Report
Chestnut drive street reconstruction to replace subgrade, aggregate base, 5" overlay, curb and gutter. Storm sewer upgrade to expand capacity.
​a. Estimate and scope of project being revised to reduce costs.
Fall 2017
Maple Lane Street and Drainage Improvements
Preliminary Engineering Report
Install concrete gutters to improve drainage and chip seal street. Fall 2017
Adelman Addition Street Lighting Install street lighting for residents Fall 2017

Sanitary Sewer Construction

Description Status Target Completion
Sanitary Sewer connection to Fargo Impact to Wall Ave, County 17 N to Deer Creek Ave.  Project is in planning process and has not started.
a. Working on Preliminary work for SRF Loans.
b. Easements have been delivered.
c. Reviewing RR crossing options.
November 2017
Sanitary Sewer Improvement - Lining Lift Station No. 5 Improvements
​- Lining the wet well.
​- Currently bypass pumping.
​- Public Impact: Liberty Lane is down to one lane to allow for bypass pumping in the area of the Lift Station.
Pavement Replacement
​- Thue Court and Center Ave Intersection.
​- Nelson Drive from Center Ave to Park Dr.
​- Public Impact: Nelson Drive is down to one land to allow for pavement replacement. Vehicles should take turns when traveling through this area.
Manhole lining.
​- Have not started yet, but they will either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
​- Public Impact: Equipment will be working around manholes. Reduce speeds and be careful approaching and passing.
early June 2017
Sanitary Sewer - Lost River and 2nd Addition New development installation.
a. Contractor continues to install sanitary sewer and services.
b. Contractor has started installing sanitary sewer force main.
c. Started installing water main and services starting April 29, 2017.
Fall 2017

Water Construction

Description Status Target Completion
Water Improvement District - Looping Impact from Wall Ave to Chestnut Dr along County 17.  Project is in planning process and has not started.

a. We have received approval of the SRF Loan, with contingencies.
b. Waiting for a potential start date and schedule from the Contractor.
c. Recommend awarding the project.
Fall 2017
City Water Meter replacement Plan to purchase equipment and replacement water meters for all City of Horace water users to enable remote reading.  This project is necessary to improve the accuracy of water usage and assess costs of water delivery.
​a. Preliminary Engineering report design in review.
Fall 2017

Storm Sewer Construction

Description Status Target Completion
Horace Storm Water Policy Work has started revising the Horace Storm Water policy document similar to what is used by West Fargo.  Required by the state to have a policy in place to guide development May 2017
Adelmans's Addition Drainage Reviewing the engineering recommendation to deal with water drainage in this area.  First step is to improve drainage along 76th Ave S east of County 17.  Council approved getting bids to resolve drainage. July 2017