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Public Right-of-Way Work Permit


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  2. 2. For City Use Only
  • Step One

    1. Type of work to be completed:

    2. Please indicate any items that will be affected/disturbed in conjunction with work (check all that apply):

    3. Application Information

    4. Party or Contractor Performing Work

    5. Site plan must be included with application.

      Permittee(s) agrees to indemnify and hold the City harmless from any and all claims, damages and lawsuits arising out of or from the excavation, construction, operation, maintenance, alteration and safety measures for its project for which this ROW permit is issued. Permittee(s) further agrees and accepts full responsibility for all of the costs to restore all public properties involved to as good of condition as they were before Permittee’s work was done and for all damages arising out of Permittee’s failure to make the required restoration(s). Permittee(s) further agrees to fully comply with all of the terms and conditions of Chapter 2-03 of the Revised Ordinances of 2003 of the City of Horace, North Dakota as amended and agree(s) to warrant the work in accordance with Chapter 2-03.